Art and nature,
being two different things, cannot be the same.
Pablo Picasso

At the Gallery - 2016

Fall 2016
September 4 to October 11

Award  Winners

All work in this gallery ©the artist - used by permission
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Members' Show II 2016
August 13 to September 2

All work in this gallery ©the artist - used by permission

Presidents' Show
July 2 through August 4

All work in this gallery ©the artist - used by permission

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Thank you to our judges

Presidents' Show Awards 2016

Best in Show - Julie Hopkins, When We Dance, Pastel

Richard Ochs Memorial Award I for Watercolor - Joan Palmer, Beach Stones, Watercolor

Sascha Maurer AWS Memorial Award for Watercolor - Mary Helen Davis,
Plaza Hotel at Holiday Time, Watercolor

Spencer Nichols Award for Oil/Acrylic - Dorothy Lorenze, Who Knows Where the Time Goes, Oil

Robert Nisbet Award for Graphics - Jeanne Hunkapillar, Young Defiance, Charcoal

George Laurence Nelson Award for Portrait - Laura Bleau, David, Pastel

Willard Paddock Award for Sculpture - Werner Kappes, Black Beauty, Mixed

F. Luis Mora Award for Pastel - Karen Bahrenburg, The Kansas Wood Lot, Pastel

John T. Mott Award for Marine Painting, Any Medium - Justine Coleman, Ocean Breeze, Oil

Ridgewood Art Institute Award, Any Medium- Bill Rice, Parrot Feather in Basswood, Basswood & Oil

Pastel Society Award for Pastel - Clayton Buchanan, Afternoon Beach Play, Pastel

Richard Ochs Memorial Award II for Watercolor - Sally Sargent Markey, New England Marsh, Watercolor

Michael Abene Award for Jazz Theme, Any Medium - Thomas Franken, Eye Chart, Collage

Kent Art Association Award of Excellence, Any Medium - Erin Nazzaro, A Steady Gaze, Acrylic

Accepted Work

Amalfitano Janet Roads Traveled Pastel
Amalfitano Janet Mountain Storm Pastel
Bahrenburg Karen The Kansas Wood Lot Pastel
Beringer Hraniotis Judith Pond In The Berkshires Oil
Bleau Laura David Pastel
Bleau Laura Woman With Turban Graphite
Bobik, Jr Andrew E. St. Nicholas Acryllic
Braun Kathy L Slits Oil
Brennecke Michael Saranac Oil
Brennecke Michael Head Examined Oil
Brightman Johnson Carol The Team Oil on linen
Brightman Johnson Carol Girl with a Corgi Oil on linen
Brightman Johnson Carol Morning Traffic Oil on linen
Buchanan Clayton Afternoon Beach Play Pastel
Carew Ann Harriet Orange and English Oil
Carew Ann Harriet Bridge to Paradise Oil
Carew Ann Harriet Sunshine Oil
Carley Mary Anne HollyHocks Watercolor
Carone Leslie Low Tide at Twilight Pastel
Carone Leslie Late Afternoon, Cave Creek Park Pastel
Coleman Justine Floral in Purple Vase Watercolor
Coleman Justine Poenies Watercolor
Coleman Justine Ocean Breeze Oil
Collins Barbara Ceres, Roman Goddess of the Harvest Clay
Collins Barbara Natchaug River Oil
Corcoran Arline White Barns Oil
Damon Michael Twins Acrylic
Damon Michael CT Hilltop Acrylic
Damon Michael Jersey Shore Sunrise Acrylic
Davidson Mary Tropical Ladies Mixed Media
Davidson Mary High Hot Heels watercolor
Davidson Keith Beneath the Plane Series 1 Acrylic
Davidson Keith Beneath the Plane Series 2 Acrylic
Davis Mary Helen Scoville Library Salisbury Watercolor
Davis Mary Helen Plaza Hotel at Holiday Time Watercolor
Diehl Grace Sunflowers Oil
Diehl Grace Valley Girls Oil
Federico Frank Christian Pastel
Federico Frank Mountain Rooftops Pastel
Fields Howard House at Goshen, NY Acrylic
Fields Howard Nyack, NY Acrylic
Fox Dorothy My Backyard Acrylic
Fox Dorothy Falling Water Acrylic
Franken Thomas Eye Chart Collage
Franklin Sally Hanging Scarf watercolor
Galaskas Susan Coleman Shelia's Pub Pencil
Gould Paul Pounding Surf Oil
Gould Paul Rising Mist-Rockport Oil
Gould Paul Nor' Easter Oil
Grossman Antonia Louisa's Peony Watercolor
Gustafson Bea Purple Rose Oil
Hartley Theresa Cactus Symphony, Sedona Oil
Hill Bob Strength of Diversity Steel, Wood Plaster
Hill Bob Creative Force Stainless Steel
Hopkins Julie Susannah Monoprint
Hopkins Julie When We Dance Pastel
Horton Constance Loons Oil
Horton Constance Forsythia Pond Oil
Horton Constance Forsythia, Spring Oil
Hunkapiller Jeanne Young Defiance Charcoal
Hunkapiller Jeanne Flowers In Window Oil
Kappes Werner Black Beauty Mixed
Kappes Werner Haring Horseshoe Mixed
Kappes Werner Year of the Monkey Mixed
Koleszar L. Richard Amber Bridge Oil
Koleszar L. Richard Bicycle Oil
Kromer Ann Nod Hill Road Oil
Langford Anita Southeast Light Watercolor
Lorenze Dorothy At the Opera Oil
Lorenze Dorothy Who knows where the time goes Oil
Lorenze Dorothy Taking Measure, Following Threads Oil
Markey Sally Sargent Club House Cabin Watercolor
Markey Sally Sargent New England Marsh Watercolor
McFarland Marilyn Cat and Plant Pencil
Monnier Mary Glorious Day Pastel
Moore Carol T. NY Shadows Pastel
Moore Carol T. Pin Factory Pastel
Nazzaro Erin A Strawberry Moon Acrylic
Nazzaro Erin A Steady Gaze Acrylic
Newquist Ruth Lunch Break Oil
Nixon Plonia 3 Stages of Life Etching
Nixon Plonia Still Life Tempera Pastel
Oliveri Joseph New Years Oil
Oppel Tamara Blue Anemones Pastel
Oppel Tamara He Played the Trumpet Pastel
Owles Frances National Park Oil
Owles Frances What Rilke Saw Oil
Palmer Joan J. Beach Stones Watercolor
Peterson Jacqueline Raging Water Pastel
Reese Pamela Daffodil Field Oil
Reese Pamela Durnstein on the Danube Oil
Rice Bill Parrot Feather in Basswood Basswood & Oil
Rice Bill Woodcock Feather Basswood & Oil
Rice Bill Yard Boss Pencil
Rorick William C. Norwegian Composer Edward Grieg Oil
Ryan Margaret Chair Oil
Ryan Margaret Every Man Acrylic
Shakinovsky Sheryl Best Friends Metallic Painted Resin
Smoot-Souter Mary Charolais Oil
Smoot-Souter Mary Bittersweet Oil
Smoot-Souter Mary Peonies Gathered Oil
Van Wyck Susan Van Asch Bird of Paradise Charcoal & Pastel
Van Wyck Susan Van Asch Parrot Charcoal & Pastel
Volk Karl J. Prophet with Angel Ink
Wygant Bette Anne Unity Oil Painting
Wygant Bette Anne Illumination Oil & Gold Leaf
Zenobia Gino Mother & Embryo Mixed
Zenobia Gino Amozonia Mixed
Zenobia Gino Anatomy of a Shaman Mixed

Elected Artists Show
May 28 through June 24

All work in this gallery ©the artist - used by permission

Work of the featured solo artist, Beverly Bourassa. Click on any image or title to view a larger version.

Patricia Billeci won the Medal of Merit award, earning her the Solo Show for 2017.  Newly elected artists are Carl Chaiet, Doreen O'Connor, Carol T. Moore, B.A. Wygant, Karl J. Volk and Sally Franklin. Congratulations to all of these amazing artists!

Spring Juried Show
April 16 through May 14

All work in this gallery ©the artist - used by permission
Photos courtesy of Katherine Manning

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Accepted Work
Albright Judy I See the Light Pastel
Albright Judy Open to Everything Pastel
Albright Judy Breakfast at Tiffany's Pastel
Amalfitano Janet Untitled Pastel
Bahrenburg Karen Shwangunk Ridge Pastel
Billeci Patricia A. April's Sun Spot Watercolor
Brightman Johnson Carol Enchanted Evening Oil
Brightman Johnson Carol Tribute to an Elk Cow Oil
Buchanan Clayton Searching The Share Pastel
Buckheit Maroetta A Burst of Spring Watercolor
Buckheit Marietta Sea Grape Leaves Pencil
Caintreau Sandra Showing Off Watercolor
Caintreau Sandra Poppies in Garden Watercolor
Carley Mary Anne Autumn Watercolor
Carley Mary Anne Ice Pond Watercolor
Carley Mary Anne Roots Watercolor
Carone Leslie On the Riverbank, Zion Pastel
Carone Leslie On Muddy Pond, Eastham MA Pastel
Carone Leslie Old Gate at the Weir Farm Pastel
Coleman Justine Winter Brook Watercolor
Coleman Justine Hydrangea Watercolor
Corcoran Arline Spring River Oil
Corcoran Arline Apricot Beauty Oil
Davidson Mary Hidden High Heels Mixed Media
Davidson Keith Over the Rocks Acrylic
Davidson Keith September Field II Acrylic
Davidson Mary Sunrise Acrylic
Davidson Mary English Garden Acrylic
Diehl Grace Spring Daffodills Oil
Diehl Grace Little Bird Oil
Diehl Grace Boo Boo Bear Oil
Fields Howard El Morro National Monument Acrylic
Fiske E. Gurney Rocky Mountain Falls Oil
Fiske E. Gurney Planet Niar # 2 Oil
Franken Thomas Springtime Suite Oil
Franklin Sally Wheeler-Wilson Watercolor
Frederico Frank Warmaug View Oil
Frederico Frank Kent Falls Moment Watercolor
Frederico Frank Tranquil Marsh Pastel
Green Charles Incoming Tide Oil
Green Charles Pounding Surf Oil
Hall Kate Still Life with Kashmiri Cloth Oil
Haulenbeek Trisha S. Impressions of the Sea Watercolor/Pastel
Hoffmann Abene Gretchen Night Allee Cologne Pastel
Hopkins Julie Heavenly Day Pastel
Hopkins Julie Il Professore Monoprint
Horton Constance Spring Pond Oil
Horton Connie Autumn Sunset Pastel
Horton Constance Yellows Oil
Howe Shirley Aurora Oil
Howe Shirley Coast Guard Station Oil
Howe Shirley Afterglow Oil
Kappes Werner Old Blue Eyes Sculpture
Kappes Werner Faces Two Oil
Kappes Werner Newton's Delight Oil
Kelly Anne W. Isabel Hydrocal
Kelly Anne W. Black Dirt Farm Pastel
Koleszar L. Richard But I Can't Swim Watercolor
Koleszar L. Richard Collective Memories Oil
Kromer Ann Reflections Acrylic
Kromer Ann After the Rain Acrylic
Lawson Carl Captain Jack's Wharf Acrylic
Leer Rebecca Jean Near the Hearth Oil
Leer Rebecca Jean Noon Cove Oil
Leer Rebecca Jean Claire Oil
Lorenze Dorothy Mechanical Staccato Oil
Lorenze Dorothy La Cure Gourmande Oil
Markey Sally Sargent Summer in the Backyard Watercolor
Markey Sally Sargent Afternoon Sun Watercolor
McFarland Marilyn House Sitter Pencil
McFarland Marilyn Goldilocks Colored Pencil
McMullan P.S. Frida Kahlo Dollhouse Watercolor +
McNally-Frake Kathe A Breeze Lead the Dance Oil
Miller Kip The Owl Ball Point Pen
Moore Carol T. Sunflowers Pastel
Murray Carol Charles Oil
Napoleon James Pedernal, After the High Priestess Acrylic
Napoleon James Turning 15 on the Road to Freedom Acrylic
Napoleon James In a Dream Acrylic
Nazzaro Erin Solo Song Acrylic
Nazzaro Erin Blackhorns Acrylic
Nazzaro Erin Daily Announcements Acrylic
Nikanno-Nagi Naoko Wisteria Watercolor
Nkanno-Nagl Naoko Danbury Sunset Watercolor
O Connor Doreen Strut Your Stuff Acrylic
O Connor Doreen Crocuses Behind the Barn Acrylic
Oliveri Joseph Still Life Oil
Palmer Janet Pond in the Meadow Pastel
Palmer Janet The Blue Boat Pastel
Paray Laura Poole and Rookwood Oil
Paray Laura Cows in the Sibillini Mtns Oil
Reade Ned Vermont Farmhouse Watercolor
Reade Ned A Pick of Peppers Watercolor
Rice Bill Pheasant Feather Basswood/Oil
Rice Bill Preening Hummingbird Basswood/Oil
Rice Bill Shades of May Oil
Ryan Margaret Summer Tales Acrylic
Ryan Margaret Pickings Oil
Sacks Cindy Short Order Watercolor
Sacks Cindy Workshop Watercolor
Scofield Heather Island Pines Acrylic
Scofield Heather Sunset on Birches Acrylic
Scofield Heather Hollister House Acrylic
Skelskey Chapin Lorraine Spring Bliss Oil/Acrylic
Skelskey Chapin Lorraine Gone With the Wind Oil
Smoot Souter Mary Prayer Oil
Smoot Souter Mary Sand and Sky Oil
Tanenbaum Steven Sunflower Mixed Media
Tanenbaum Steven Copper Rose Acrylic
Timnev Lubozar At The Mountains of Madness Acrylic
Timnev Lubozar Untitled Acrylic
Timnev Lubozar From "Other Worldly" Series Acrylic
Volk Karl J. Ballerina Dancing with Moths Print
Volk Karl J. Studio Nude Pastel
Volpe Concetta My Bay Horse Oil
Volpw Concetta The Puddle Oil on Linen
Wright Dan A Bevy of Barrels Watercolor
Wright Dan The German Concert Oil
Wright Dan Montego Market Oil
Wygant Bette Anne The Path Oil
Wygant Bette Anne The Good Shephard Oil

2016 Members' I Show
March 13th to April 8th

All work in this gallery ©the artist - used by permission

Click on any image or title to view a larger version.